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  15. Ten sighs to alleviate the prisoner
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  19. Opera Lively singing contest: conclusion
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  22. Halina Mickiewiczówna
  23. Roberto Alagna - baritone?
  24. Amore al primo ascolto
  25. Of these singers, who is the loveliest?
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  27. Interview with Natalie Dessay
  28. What *CURRENT* opera singers are truly international operatic assets?
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  32. Renee Fleming on tour in the western United States
  33. Patricia Racette
  34. African-American singers and composers I've just met, and their distinguished careers
  35. Natalie Dessay - cancelation
  36. Legendary Italian baritones
  37. Interesting fact about Placido Domingo
  38. Interesting fact about Juan Diego Flórez
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  40. Interesting fact about Mario del Monaco
  41. Interesting fact about Jose Carreras
  42. Happy birthday thread
  43. Interesting fact about Diana Damrau
  44. David Rendall: "How a stage accident ended my opera career"
  45. Most technically accomplished - most beautiful voices - female singers
  46. Singer In-Depth: Sena Jurinac
  47. Thomas Hampson's new website
  48. Upcoming interview with Vivica Genaux - brainstorming for questions
  49. Where are they now?
  50. The Verdi voice
  51. Legendary Italian countertenors
  52. The little great Tenor
  53. Magdalena Kozena is coming to town
  54. Thank you to Almaviva
  55. Handsome Tenors, Baritones, and Basses
  56. (II) Opera Lively Singing Contest: Conclusion
  57. Elena House's Opera videos
  58. Baroque enthusiasts - help with questions for interview with emerging countertenor
  59. Great young tenor - Arnold Rutkowski
  60. Interesting documentary on singing
  61. Opera News, stop copying Opera Lively!
  62. Opera singers' income
  63. Der Hölle Rache
  64. Elena Souliotis
  65. DVD recommendations for Jonas Kaufmann, Rolando Villazon, and Natalie Dessay
  66. Opera singers as celebrities in Europe vs. America
  67. Anna is the greatest
  68. Interviews with Marilyn Horne and Frederica von Stade
  69. Brownlee and JDF
  70. Edita Gruberova documentary
  71. Vesselina Kasarova TV Interview (May 2012)
  72. Interview with Giuseppe Filianoti
  73. Joyce DiDonato & Julia Lezhneva
  74. New Year's Eve Gala
  75. Kristine Opolais: Chi il Bel Sogno di Doretta
  76. 2010 New Yorker article on Marina Poplavskaya
  77. Clip of Alagna's Andrea Chenier
  78. Sondra Radvanovsky interview
  79. Who do you consider to be true dramatic sopranos?
  80. Renata Scotto
  81. Dove Sono Sung by Two Singers
  82. anna netrebko in l'elisir
  83. No voices were harmed in the making of this production
  84. Common complaints about singers and productions and conductors
  85. The Elizabeth Connell Memorial Concert
  86. Larry Brownlee: a fine human being
  87. Romano Emili
  88. Ponselle Opinions Needed For A Speech I'm Giving
  89. Best performance of the Doll Song in Les Contes d'Hoffmann
  90. The best Doll Song performance: voting here, video clips at another thread
  91. Questions on singing for children
  92. Sing to the rest of us, folks :)
  93. Italy, Troy, and the origins of the Trojan civilization
  94. Favourite non-classical singer
  95. lifelong wish to identify this singer
  96. Katarina Dalayman
  97. Could we agree that this guy is the best male singer currently active?
  98. Does Natalie Dessay or Danielle de Niese perform "Da tempeste" better here?
  99. Come Scoglio - best version?
  100. Best Singers Without Recording Contracts
  101. Is Michael Maniaci still performing?
  102. The soloists in Shawshank Redemption
  103. Maria Callas question
  104. Edita Gruberova
  105. Elena Obraztsova
  106. Nice Anna Netrebko documentary
  107. Great soprano Anja Harteros with small videography
  108. A nice little web app for hobby singers
  109. Another beautiful singer from Latvia - Marina Rebeka
  110. Excellent performances by Juan Diego Flórez
  111. Renee Fleming singing the National Anthem for the Super Bowl
  112. Ben Heppner is retiring
  113. Thank you all for replying to me. I will try to ask about tenors a little.
  114. Carlo Bergonzi has died today at age 90
  115. Simon Keenlyside
  116. Olga Peretyatko's interview with Opera Lively got quoted
  117. Licia Albanese
  118. Who is your favourite bel canto coloratura?
  119. Susan Graham, such a pleasure!
  120. Magda Olivero
  121. Interview with Thomas Quasthoff
  122. Jonas Kaufmann
  123. Marina Poplavskaya frustrated with visa and immigration controls
  124. Mariella Devia
  125. Isabel Leonard and Cherubino at the Met - help needed
  126. Marlis Peterson - the next Met Lulu
  127. Joyce DiDonato singing the National Anthem on TV 10-29-14
  128. Ola Rafalo - Young mezzo to be followed
  129. Conchita Supervia an exciting voice of brightness on an autumn day
  130. Travels with an Angela Gheorghiu fan
  131. Song to the Moon - versions
  132. Christmas music Singers
  133. Male soprano Radu Marian
  134. Renée Fleming debuts on Broadway
  135. Elina Garanca
  136. The great, late Lorraine Hunt Lieberson
  137. A rare opportunity to see Vivica Genaux in the USA
  138. Roberto Alagna - new interview is coming, new CD is here
  139. Who r these tenors has anyone heard them?
  140. Vote for one of these three mezzos - Elina, Joyce, Isabel
  141. Anna Netrebko as dramatic soprano
  142. Teresa Berganza!
  143. Maria Ewing
  144. 2015 winners of the Met National Council Auditions have been announced
  145. Now Casting Opera Singers in New York for New Unscripted TV Series
  146. The stunning lady singers at Opera Carolina
  147. Sabine Devieilhe
  148. Heidi Stober
  149. Layla Claire
  150. Stephen Costello
  151. OTF - Great Voices from the Past (Before 1939)
  152. Eva Mei
  153. OTF – Great Voices from the (not so distant) past
  154. Countertenors
  155. Natalie Dessay
  156. R.I.P. Jon Vickers.
  157. Nicolae Herlea
  158. Ewa Podles
  159. Montserrat Caballé
  160. José Carreras
  161. Joseph Calleja
  162. Pretty Yende
  163. I Gotta Have More Traubel!
  164. Julian Gavin
  165. Child reality TV "opera" singers
  166. Barbara Hannigan - concert and documentary on DVD
  167. French Touch - Patricia Petibon in recital on DVD + documentary
  168. Daniela Dessì is dead
  169. The fachme.com game
  170. Dame Kiri Te Kanawa
  171. I grossly underestimated Angela Gheorghiu all these years
  172. Plácido Domingo
  173. Our friend Richard Ollarsaba, the very first Opera Lively interviewee, at Minnesota Opera