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  1. Short exclusive interview with Juan Diego Flórez
  2. Promotion - sospiro now a staff member
  3. New features for spam control and compliance with applicable Child Protection laws
  4. Construction Updates
  5. Ladies and Gentlemen, are you red or are you blue?
  6. Short Exclusive Interview with Anna Netrebko is coming soon
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  9. Opening Day Membership Drive
  10. Promotion - rgz now a staff member
  11. New Partnerships between OL and professional opera organizations
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  13. A non-intrusive way to help defray Web Hosting and other costs for the site
  14. February: The month of Eugene Onegin and Sergei Lemeshev
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  16. The Local Area - please, add to it
  17. Two new major projects - History of Opera, and Inventory of Opera Today
  18. Another milestone - Opera America membership
  19. Our partner Maestro James Meena on Wikipedia
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  21. 3 months of Opera Lively: what we've done
  22. Members/visitors, check out the new look...
  23. Opera Lively: First page on Google Search
  24. MAuer joins Opera Lively's staff
  25. The Opera News area
  26. New Staff Member - Elektra
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  28. Six months of Opera Lively
  29. Rare opportunity for direct dialogue with outstanding opera scholar
  30. Sub-Forum Opera and Symbolism
  31. Administration/moderation tasks
  32. Name change
  33. Name change for one of our members
  34. New Section: Loge's Hidden Operatic Gems
  35. New security feature
  36. Les Troyens - The Opera Lively translation into English of the libretto
  37. New local area: Washington D.C.
  38. Opera Lively Press has published Jay Hunter Morris's book
  39. New member category: Donor Member
  40. New Partner - Ashevillle Lyric Opera
  41. New Staff Member - Jephtha
  42. Farewell
  43. New Staff Member - tyroneslothrop - and new style/atmosphere
  44. The site was temporarily disabled
  45. New sub-forum
  46. New staff member - Hoffmann
  47. Research group from Sweden wants to contact Opera Lively members
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  50. Change in Avatar (again)
  51. The site was offline for some 12 hours
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  53. What Are You Listening To Thread marked as closed
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  56. Opera Lively is now https
  57. New book by Opera Lively