View Full Version : How to use this Classifieds forum - read before posting

Luiz Gazzola (Almaviva)
July 9th, 2012, 03:25 PM
Generally speaking, Opera Lively is most definitely NOT a free platform for advertising. However, we'll tolerate classified ads here as long as they are opera-related or at the very least classical music-related, NO exceptions allowed. But it is best to ask one of the staff members before you post an ad here.

Generally, we frown upon members who register JUST to use our bandwidth for free and to advertise their operations - but we *may* tolerate these ads if they seem to be for legitimate businesses that respect copyrights and the laws of the land, and agree with the topic of this web site as per the first paragraph above. We *much* prefer that members who are good *contributors* to our site post ads here, rather than someone who just registers, posts a self-serving ad, and disappears. These ads may or may not be allowed to stay, depending on our independent judgment on the legitimacy of the goods or services advertised. THERE IS NO APPEAL PROCESS for this. Staff decisions to delete an ad are final and not subject to questioning or to allegations of lost business. If you place an ad here, you're implicitly acknowledging this. I mean, it's a *free* service for you, it's a courtesy, *we* pay for it, so we'll feel free to delete your ad if we don't like it, for ANY reason.

Inappropriate ads of any sort - and again, our judgment on this is final and not subject to appeal - be it because the ad is not opera or classical-music related or because it otherwise violates our policies as stated in our Terms of Service (e.g., erotic content, copyright violation, or any other TOS violation, explicit or not - and we reserve the right to interpret broadly this statement) may (and likely *will*) result in the IP of the poster being reported to external spam control services, with generally dire consequences to the poster's ability to use the Internet from that IP. So, by posting here, you know what the risks are; you're assuming the risks, and Opera Lively is not to be held responsible for any personal or business consequences or losses that may hit the poster.

So, proceed at your own risk. As long as your ad is for a legitimate business or service related to opera or classical music, it respects our Terms of Service, and is not blatant spam, you should be fine. But like I said, you should walk a fine line here if you don't want unpleasant consequences, so it's best to ask first. By the way, if we say yes to an ad, and later conclude that you've misrepresented your intentions and your ad is NOT legitimate, you may still retroactively face these consequences in spite of our initial "yes."

The bottom line is: legit ad, opera or classical-music related? It *may* stay (or may be deleted for any reason but with no other consequence for you - that is, without your IP being reported). Any sort of funny, iffy business? It *will* be deleted and you'll likely see your IP being tagged with a spammer reputation. So, watch it, poster!

Ads posted in any other part of Opera Lively will be summarily moved here (if they are acceptable), with no redirecting links.