View Full Version : Christopher Rouse - Gorgon and Iscariot

December 15th, 2011, 07:01 PM
Both of these works may have 'programs'. I try to ignore those things if the music works at all without them. These pieces are effective as instrumental music.

The focus of this essay is on what strikes me as a relationship to Rock, mostly the 'feel' generated by the extended use of percussion. Iscariot employs a string section in pretty much the conventional classical manner, and this may be why it fits my mental grooves more comfortably than Gorgon does.

I don't want to lead you astray about the percussion; Rouse uses a more complete set of those instruments than Rock does, and the riffs have a lot of bass drum in them, and less 'naked' cymbal.

I actually expected the music to sound something like some of Morricone's movie music; it doesn't. However, because of the importance of the bass drum, listening with a system which includes a sub-woofer is highly recommended.

My recording is on a Pheonix CD, PHCD 167. The trombone concerto is on the disc, but that music does nothing for me, so you're on your own there. Marin Alsop conducts the Colorado SO (including for these works a happy percussion section, I betcha).