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Luiz Gazzola (Almaviva)
March 6th, 2013, 03:36 AM
New member tyroneslothrop is the Met HD Ambassador for the Washington, D.C. area and they are launching an official Met-sponsored community in that area for opera lovers (brick-and-mortar community, not an online community). They'll be having Met-sponsored receptions, etc.

Opera Lively is delightful to help. We have created a new local area. From the Widget on the top left of our Home page, click on The Local Area --> United States --> Washington D.C.

Or use this link (it's still empty; it will be populated once tyroneslothrop starts sending material to place there):


Member tyroneslothrop will be sending to me notices to post there, to announce the meetings and receptions of his community. I encourage other Washington D.C. area residents (Hoffman, do you hear me?) to use this new area as well, to post reviews of local performances, local opera company season schedules, etc. Since only Opera Lively editors can post there (for various reasons involving both the security of the web site and the fact that CMS posting is not as simple as forum posting and requires some knowledge of vBulletin advanced features), members can't directly write up their announcements there, but they can post them elsewhere on the appropriate board (e.g., the announcement of a singer's recital would fall under the Singer-Oriented Forum), and then, they can let me know by PM (private message) and I'll move or copy the announcement to the Washington D.C. area. Or else, harder-to-classify information that definitely belongs to that local area can be directly sent to me and I'll post it there.

This is valid for any local community. We aim at making of Opera Lively a resource for local groups of opera lovers, who can use our bandwidth for free to have an online meeting point for their communities. A member who wishes to start such a local area (which can be done for US states, or for any country) should PM me with an explanation of the member's goals, and I'll be happy to create the new area for him/her.

If you look at the North Carolina area, you'll see how active it is, with all sorts of reviews, schedules, and announcements. I'd love to see other local areas develop as much as the NC area.