View Full Version : Paganini - bel canto for violin

January 12th, 2012, 10:46 PM
I'm always very sad that Paganini is videly neglected and considered as inferior composer of showpieces, as someone who is valued and remembered only because of his influence on violin playing technique. I think it may be because people who are not into opera don't get his aesthetic which is so closley related to his bel canto contemporaries: Rossini, Donizetti, Bellini. There is much hating of his most famous, D major, concerto. I was fan of it before listening to my first entire opera and it took me some time to see what makes it so special and diffrent but also intensely disliked by some people who are like "I have 654834522 CDs with Brahms 4th and the other work for pairing and none of those CDs include Donizetti's pieces and that second work so I'm asking, who's that Donizetti?".

There are many gems among his works of all genres (violin, chamber, guitar) - I especially recommend wonderful recording of violin concertos by Salvatore Accardo and Charles Dutoit, with London Philharmonic Orchestra.

Just hear this aria-like slow movement from 4th concerto:


Or fiery opening of the 1st (with particularly beautiful second, slower theme), as racily as Rossini at his best: