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Luiz Gazzola (Almaviva)
January 15th, 2012, 03:35 PM
Attention, Members - we've been opened for a while (construction work fortunately got finished before expected) but since originally we had set today, January 15th, as the opening day, I think it is a good opportunity for all of us to engage in a membership drive.

I have uploaded to Google Docs a Word file containing a flyer to publicize Opera Lively.

Here is the link (I set it to public access - you may or may not need to set up a Google Account to download it, I actually don't know - but if you need an account, creating one is the easiest thing, and it is free).

https://docs.google.com/open?id=0B_Zqkb5HlqTtN2U5YzMxMjItNzI0YS00M2FmLThjO DMtZDhjOWFmZmJhYjQ1

Opera Lively is a free service provided to all of you, and it takes a lot of hardwork from the staff. It's time for the members to show their appreciation by doing some leg work for the site.

Please, download the file, print it, and use it to publicize Opera Lively anyway you can.


1. Maybe you're a student at a music school (some of our members here are). Take the flyer to you school and pin it to a board where other student musicians can see it.

2. Maybe you have an opera group (again, some of our members here do). Take the flyer to your next meeting, pass it around.

3. Maybe you attend Met Live in HD at your local movie theater (most of us do). Some theater managers won't mind if you take some 20 copies of the flyer and place them next to the Met program for the show, for people to pick up and take home. While some theater managers won't allow this, some will (I know, out of my own experience); it doesn't hurt to try since this would be an *excellent* form of free targeted advertising.

4. Maybe you have friends who love opera. E-mail the flyer to them. It's virus-free (at least, the one I have uploaded - of course I can't guarantee if members' computers have viruses; hopefully you all have your anti-virus software up to date).

5. Maybe you sing in a chorus (I know at least one member here who does) or play an instrument in an ensemble or orchestra (again, at least one of us here does). Take the flyer to your next rehearsal and pass it around.

6. For this item you don't need the flyer: If you participate in other classical music Internet venues and the venue's Terms of Service permit it (ours do), talk to fellow members about Opera Lively.

7. If you are in social networks like Facebook and Twitter, tell your followers/friends about Opera Lively; feel free to pass on the link to the flyer.


Let's make in the next two weeks a push to ensure that each member brings at least one person they know (or reach through the above suggestions for targeted advertising) to join us as new members.

The more interested and/or knowledgeable members we have, the more Opera Lively will have good and exciting discussions, and the better your own experience here will be.

We the staff at Opera Lively count on you all to help with this membership drive. Thanks in advance!

January 15th, 2012, 06:27 PM
Will do what I can, but even the most opera tolerant of my friends and family aren't really into opera per se. The Live in HD idea is a good one!