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Luiz Gazzola (Almaviva)
February 7th, 2012, 07:04 PM
I thought members would find this info interesting.

I have added up all hits since the beginning, in order to install a counter that would start with our real number so far, rather than starting from zero the day of installation. It took me one hour... but I've added up all the hits from all pages (except for the /learn and /see areas, see below).

The Journalistic Home page got 24,236 page views so far (a bit under-represented since I've just counted the articles that are up there, didn't count the ones that fell off the page - but in terms of order of magnitude I don't think it makes a huge difference since the ones that are there *are* the ones that have attracted most of the readership, so, maybe we're off by just a couple of thousand at most).

The Forum got 51,100 page views so far (in about 60 days of existance) - twice as many hits as the journalistic area. I wonder if people are bookmarking the Forum area and just ignoring completely the journalistic area (I hope not, since we put a lot of effort into our journalistic operation)

The grand total is 75,336 page views for the site as a whole, not counting the portal, or the /learn and /see areas for which I don't have how to count right now (may install a counter there later).
This divided by abouty 60 days (the site went live on 12/4/11 but with no content for a couple of days), this gives us about 1,250 page views per day.

Here is the breakdown for the forum:

Administrative Area (an area regular members don't have access to, where we discuss various technical and editorial decisions) = 3,795 page views
Educational Threads = 1,667 page views + 198 views for the half-humoristic, half serious "What is Opera?" thread
General Operatic Discussion = 21,536 page views
DVD, Blu-ray, CDs reviews = 4,759 page views
Opera House and Theater Performances Reviews = 1,322 page views
Singer-oriented Forum = 6,327 page views
Opera and Psychoanalysis = 338 page views
Non-operatic classical music = 1,584 page views
Off-topic discussions = 3,987 page views
Technical issues = 1,277 page views
Announcements from Staff to Members = 1,939 page views
New Members Introductions = 1,036 page views
International Area, total 1,335 page views
Spanish Area = 355 page views
Portuguese Area = 367 page views
Italian Area = 71 page views
French Area = 443 page views
German Area = 99 page views

I don't know what conclusions to take from this... but here are some guesses:

Seems like members/readers don't need a lot of operatic education (or haven't really found this content)
Seems like members like to discuss opera more than they like to read journalistic content, and they like to talk about singers too.
Recording media reviews are popular; live, not as much.
Seems like the Psychoanalysis area which I had created with the hope of attracting some people who had manifested interest, is going nowhere. We may do away with it or make of it just a forum inside the General Operatic Discussion.
Seems like people like to stay on topic rather than off topic.
Non-operatic classical music is still very small in our site.
The International Area is also very small, but I was actually surprised that it has had 1,335 page views; maybe we need to believe in it more and make a bigger push to get native speakers of those languages on board.


February 7th, 2012, 07:40 PM
I think it's really impressive you've gotten this much traffic in such a short time.

Would be nice if the journalistic content got more attention. And I do wish the Opera and Psychoanalysis area had taken off. But my absence has contributed to the problem. :(

On the whole, though, you should be very pleased with what you've accomplished so far. And there's always time to make adjustments, so the site will be even better! :)

February 8th, 2012, 12:30 AM
Interesting statistics. The General Operatic Discussion and DVD, Blu-ray, CDs reviews are the two places I tend to routinely visit every time I login as a point of focus for this dicussion forum. The interviews forum is a good place for the sake of enjoyment in reading the materials.

Luiz Gazzola (Almaviva)
February 8th, 2012, 12:31 AM
A reminder: we'd be doing a lot better if members and visitors were using our Facebook, Tweeter, Google, Reddit, and Share (including LinkedIn, Email, etc) buttons. All of these constitute free publicity for the site, and help spread the word of mouth.

So, dear friends, if you happen to like some of our content, please just don't click on the "like" and "thanks" buttons on each post, but also make sure you use one of the social network buttons on the top of the page, so that your followers can learn about Opera Lively. The more opera loving people you bring to the site, the better your experience here will be, so, please, don't shy away from making use of our social network buttons. Thanks.

We also have in our Announcement section on top of the page, a link to a flyer that can be passed around to help publicize the site; we'll be grateful to members/visitors who are willing to help with that too.

Luiz Gazzola (Almaviva)
February 8th, 2012, 12:43 AM
Interesting statistics. The General Operatic Discussion and DVD, Blu-ray, CDs reviews are the two places I tend to routinely visit every time I login as a point of focus for this dicussion forum. The interviews forum is a good place for the sake of enjoyment in reading the materials.

There are a few interviews coming up. Rene Barbera, the winner of the 2011 Operalia, has emailed me twice to apologize for not having answered his questions yet, he's been pretty busy, but says he will reply ASAP, so this should be coming anytime.

The artistic director and principal conductor of Piedmont Opera maestro James Allbritten was interviewed face-to-face on Sunday, his answers are being transcribed and shall be submitted to him for approval before publication so it will take a week or so.

A talented young soprano called Kristin Schwecke from the A.J.Fletcher Opera Institute gave us a phone interview yesterday; her answers are also being transcribed.

And of course, we have received confirmation from the artists' managers and from the Metropolitan Opera Press Department that in April we will be having three long face-to-face interviews, with first rate stars Natalie Dessay, Matthew Polenzani, and Piotr Beczala. That should be very interesting.

Two live opera performances by regional opera companies will be reviewed in March including interviews with the cast. One is American contemporary composer Ward's opera The Crucible, a Pulitzer Prize-winning work, to be staged by Piedmont Opera. The other one is Eugene Onegin by our official partners Opera Carolina, with an International cast including Russian singers.

We have two 'maybes' that we hope will turn into affirmatives.... Eva-Maria Westbroek for a face-to-face interview, and maestro Sir Antonio Pappano for an email interview. These may or may not happen... fingers crossed.