View Full Version : Two new major projects - History of Opera, and Inventory of Opera Today

Luiz Gazzola (Almaviva)
February 22nd, 2012, 03:07 AM
Schigolch and I are starting two new projects for Opera Lively.

We have the ongoing projects "Opera In-Depth," "Singers In-Depth," and "Beyond the Standard Repertory."

We'll be adding two more:

"Opera Lively's History of Opera"


"Opera Lively's Inventory of Opera Today"

The first project will talk about opera since it's creation in Florence in the early 17th Century until a few years ago: composers, singers, major works, trends, styles.

The second project will talk about the state of opera in today's world - the main International repertory houses and their history with successes and struggles, the current trends, contemporary composers, the main stage directors, singers, and fresh new productions.

We'll be starting these projects shortly, give them a good house in our /learn area, and invite members to contribute with articles and posts.

Stay tuned for some exciting new content!