• New book - Opera Lively - The Interviews

    Opera Lively Press has just released a book: "Opera Lively, The Interviews."

    Front and back covers:

    Here is its official description:

    "This book released by Opera Lively Press is a pleasure to read for everybody who cares about opera (beginners are also welcome). It contains the best of one year of journalism from Opera Lively. Singers, conductors, stage and video directors, scholars, educators, opera company managers, and composers describe in eloquent terms the entire gamut of the operatic experience. Profound insights about characters and works are side by side with discussions of controversial topics such as Regietheater, critical editions, the cult of image, and the future of the art form.

    Singers include Anna Netrebko, Joyce DiDonato, Danielle de Niese, Deborah Voigt, Anna Caterina Antonacci, Piotr Beczala, Matthew Polenzani, Thomas Hampson, Luca Pisaroni, Erwin Schrott, Vivica Genaux, Saimir Pirgu, Leah Crocetto, Anthony Roth Costanzo, Bryan Hymel, Paulo Szot, Amanda Echalaz, and others. Maestro Daniele Gatti, Maestro Leon Botstein, Sir John Eliot Gardiner, stage director Thaddeus Strassberger, video director François Roussillon, musicologist Philip Gossett, veteran singer Sylvia Sass, contemporary composer Robert Ward, educator Marilyn Taylor, opera company director James Meena, and many other operatic professionals and thinkers complete the roster of 39 interviewees.

    Opera journalist Luiz Gazzola, MD, PhD, the senior editor at Opera Lively, uses his three decades of experience as a psychiatrist, psychoanalyst, and opera lover to engage with the artists in a pleasant and conversational manner, while asking musically well-informed and intellectually challenging questions, in unusually deep interviews."


    From a reader: "I've read each and every one of the interviews, and I can say that, in my opinion, this is high-quality stuff. Of course, there are many interviews being offered, both online and in print, with opera singers, conductors, composers,... but these interviews are at the same time insightful, profound and entertaining, a rare combination."


    It is already available for purchase in our e-store with secure protocol.

    Click [here] to get it from us - Opera Lively members in good standing can request a 20% discount code by sending a Private Message to Almaviva, and the code will be PM'd back to them. The list price is $19.95 (508 pages), before discount.

    It is also available for the same price on Amazon.com, including, with Prime shipping. Click [here] to get it from them in Paperback, or Kindle edition ($8.99). Here is the link for the Kindle: [here]

    You can "Look Inside" the content in both the paperback and the Kindle sales points.

    Unfortunately at this time we can only offer a discount if you buy it from our own e-Store. On Amazon, though, you'll probably get it shipped a little faster.

    It is also available on Amazon branches in the United Kingdom, Spain, Italy, Germany, and France, in both paperback and Kindle edition, and in Japan and Brazil in Kindle edition only. Here are the links for these:

    United Kingdom:
    Paperback - [here]
    Kindle – [here]

    Paperback - [here]
    Kindle – [here]

    Paperback - [here]
    Kindle - [here]

    Paperback - [here]
    Kindle – [here]

    Paperback - [here]
    Kindle – [here]

    Kindle only - [here]

    Kindle only - [here]

    A second book will follow in a few weeks, in our "The Opera Lively Guides" series: "Les Troyens"

    Front and back covers:

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