I was generally inclined to only get into operas with happy endings (Cenerentola, Sonnambula, Fidelio, etc.) but my intense activity getting into the works of Maria Callas brought me face to face with Tosca and once I learned the story I loved it. I would only wish that the prisoner didn't die and that Tosca and Mario got away in the end, but it is what it is. The 1964 Callas video of Act II is fabulous, the stabbing superbly done. I liked the stabbing so much and her clever comment that I had to make it my signature. Ah, don't really like to see people die, but at least this one was bloodless in the performance, so in relatively good taste. I will be thinking of getting an entire Tosca DVD but am wary of anything new. I wonder if there are older ones that are bloodless.