We have received from a member a suggestion that given our operatic topic, other genres of vocal classical music should have a special place since these genres approach in style the kind of music our members and readers love.

We have decided to create a new sub-forum, called "Other Classical Vocal Music," as a place to receive threads about lieder, other art songs, choral works, church vocal music, etc.

To give to this new sub-forum a more prominent home, the same member suggested a placement inside the "Operatic Forums in English" section, arguing that many people simply don't consult the Non-Operatic and Off-Topic areas therefore the threads about lieder, choral works, etc., get missed by many.

Upon holding a vote among staff members, the majority was for going along with this member's suggestion (including, where to place it), and voilą, Opera Lively's new home for these genres has been created. We have moved into it 21 threads that addressed these genres and were previously placed with the other classical genres. The new sub-forum is the seventh and last one in the "Operatic Forums in English" section. So, if you've noticed that a favorite thread of yours about art songs or a mass, etc., has suddenly disappeared from the Non-Operatic Classical Music section, that's where it went.

Here is a link to the new sub-forum:



For instrumental classical music, do continue to find and post those comments in the "Non-Operatic Forums in English" section, under "Non-operatic, non-vocal classical music" (the new name for the older, all-encompassing non-operatic classical sub-forum).

For any other musical genre that is not classical (pop, jazz, etc.) please continue to use the Off-Topic section. It doesn't mean we don't appreciate comments about these non-classical musical genres; it's just a question of organizing the site's content, given that these *are* technically off-topic, since Opera Lively is a site that is geared predominantly towards opera, secondarily towards other classical genres, and only marginally towards other musical genres and other topics (cinema, literature, sports, etc.). Still, given that naturally when we have a site like ours, a sense of community develops, sometimes people like to talk to their Opera Lively pen-pals about other issues, thus the Off-Topic section. Do remember, though, that politics and religion are topics that are banned from Opera Lively (although, obviously, classical religious music is not banned, and belongs in the newly created sub-forum).