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Well, I can only say that I keep coming back to this ring. I think that a big attraction for me is Behren's Brunnhilde.
Well after listening to all my Rings and then repeating Barenboim, Bohm, and Levine, I have come to the conclusion that my favorite Ring is Levine because it still has Behrens, my favorite Walkure, and it has great sound quality.

I also decided to give Goodall another shot. The only Ring with three disks for Rheingold and five disks for Gotterdammerung. It is a very good ring, but sometimes the English seems weird. Also love the fact that Goodall is some 17 hours, the longest Ring on CD.

Here is an interesting fact. All the characters in Siegfried also occur in at least one other Ring opera, but for the woodbird. The rest of the Ring operas all have characters that are only in the one specific opera.