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Thread: The Mozart Museums in Salzburg

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    The Mozart Museums in Salzburg

    Opera Lively is visiting Central Europe this Summer 2018, and will review several operas in four countries, and interview various artists.

    Part of the trip will include a visit to Mozart's birthplace in Salzburg, and his place of residence as a child.

    Given that the trip will be very intensive, I'm publishing in advance some information and pictorial blogs, so that I can later just rapidly add an appreciation of what I saw.

    A portal has been established to gather the links to all reviews, interviews, and other content related to the trip. Consult the portal by clicking [here].


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    In Salzburg

    Mozart's Birthplace
    Getreidegasse 9
    A-5020 Salzburg
    Tel.: +43-662-84 43 13

    Mozart Residence
    Makartplatz 8
    A-5020 Salzburg
    Tel.: +43-662-874227-40

    Opening Hours

    9 am – 5.30 pm
    (last entry 5 pm)

    July / August:
    8.30 am – 7.00 pm
    (last entry 6.30 pm)

    Admission for adults costs € 11 for one museum, and € 18 for a combination ticket to visit both. Discounts exist for children, teenagers, people with disabilities, families, and groups.


    Taking pictures of any kind inside the museums is verbotten, and the use of any photographs of the art objects and documents including for this purpose that I'm doing here (journalistic; promotional), requires payment.

    So, there will be no pictures of the art objects here, but you can still see them, by clicking on the link below, which will show a list of 130 pictures with thumbnails; upon seeing one you want to examine closer, click on it and a slightly bigger version will load.

    On the other hand, people still did take pictures and posted them online, so, while I will not snap my own, I'll post a few of them below.

    The two museums are a 6-minute walk one from another, separated by the river, next to a bridge:

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    The museums organize the Mozart Week. The Intendant of the festival is Rollando Villazˇn. See a trailer here:

    You can get a timeline of Mozart's life by clicking [here] and then clicking on the various periods.

    This page contains a brief, 35" video clip of the Birthplace museum: [click here]

    And this one, a 37" clip of the Residence museum: [click here]

    They also organize a very rich season of concerts an recitals. The current schedule can be downloaded [here].


    Pictures (the taller building is the birthplace, and the more horizontal one, the Mozart residence):

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    Pictures of the interior:

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    Summary of my impressions of the two museums:

    The second place of residence is not that interesting except for scholars. There isn't any feel that a family actually lived there. It's just regular rooms, filled with material such as letters signed by Mozart, original sheet music, and musical instruments, but there isn't much more than that. A pro is the audio tour guide included in the price (9 euros for admission), which describes well all items, and plays a lot of Mozart's music. However, after a while seeing letter after letter and sheet music after music, I got bored, didn't stay long. Grade B. Visit only if you have time.

    Much, much more interesting is the birthplace museum, where there are beautiful rooms, a lot of technology to display Mozart's life and works, and very beautiful maquettes of opera sets for several of Mozart's operas. And then, there is the room where he was born, and it's a special feeling, to be in that place. Attention senior citizens: there are no elevators or escalators; there are many narrow stairs to climb. Grade A+. Not to be missed.

    The city of Salzburg is very beautiful with many photogenic nooks.
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    "J'ai dit qu'il ne suffisait pas d'entendre la musique, mais qu'il fallait encore la voir" (Stravinsky)

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    Pictorial Blog, views of Salzburg

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    "J'ai dit qu'il ne suffisait pas d'entendre la musique, mais qu'il fallait encore la voir" (Stravinsky)

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    This thread has been updated with a brief impression of the visit.
    "J'ai dit qu'il ne suffisait pas d'entendre la musique, mais qu'il fallait encore la voir" (Stravinsky)

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    I have a unique record Mozart The magic flute, but the ones I've typically found on have different cover and I haven't. This one is from Richmond opera Treasury series, a product of London ffrr. It also has a book inside. Do you have any clue about it.

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    London was the brand name under which the Decca label's recordings were sold in the United States during the 1960s and 1970s, and Richmond was the budget offshoot of London. It is possible that the Magic Flute to which you refer has been reissued by Decca in CD format, though probably without the book. If you can provide the names of the conductor and some of the major soloists on your Magic Flute, it would help us to find out whether or not that recording is still available.

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