As most of you know, over the past few months I've made large purchases of used classical CDs from someone I met online who is looking to pare down his extensive personal collection. This process has allowed me to greatly expand my own collection at bargain-basement prices. Now that I've completed my transactions, I've asked my new friend if I can refer other people to him as well, since he still has many CDs left to sell. While he's currently dealing with another prospective buyer, he told me it would be fine if others wanted to contact him.

The CDs are almost entirely classical music, with a few operas (mostly live performances). Most are in plastic sleeves (some of them burned discs) at fifty cents a disc U.S.; those in their original jewel cases are a dollar a disc. He will ship anywhere, but bear in mind that he'll add the applicable shipping costs, which are likely to be significantly higher to destinations outside the U.S.

I've found him to be extremely honest and reliable (wouldn't mention him here otherwise), and have been very happy with my purchases. If any of you guys are interested, private message me and I'll give you his name and email address.