Dr. Philip Gossett, the world's leading expert in Italian 19th century opera, has agreed with registering as a member and replying directly to questions asked of him in the Comments field of his interview teaser available on the Home page:

This inaugurates a new format for Opera Lively, and a very interesting one.
I strongly encourage all members to ask questions, or else he may feel less rewarded for his agreement with this initiative (which is flattering for our organization).

The man is a walking encyclopedia of all things Rossini, Donizetti, Bellini, and Verdi, and of course not many of us here can match his knowledge (I count on Schigolch to sustain the dialogue). But let's not feel intimidated; Dr. Gossett is also a very passionate and kind individual and I'm sure he'll welcome all sorts of questions, both the deep ones like Schigolch is able to ask, or the more mundane ones like the rest of us can manage.

So here is a golden opportunity to interact in real time with someone who has been at the center of Italian Opera performance, and has interacted with and advised the greatest singers, conductors, and stage directors. The man knows all the key players, all the key recordings, all the historical facts, and so on. His book Divas and Scholars: Performing Italian Opera (which I'm reading) is simply spectacular.

So let's go right ahead and ask questions. I'm calling this "All that you always wanted to know about Italian opera and were afraid to ask." This is valid for all of us! Let's make use of this opportunity and have a lively dialogue with this great expert!